About Frank Pullano
And his Garden Island Paradise Home

Growing up in Geneva, New York, Frank Pullano started his life-long passion for woodworking during the summers of his high school years working side-by-side with his father Frank Pullano, Sr. on a construction crew under the direction of his father (a general contractor). As Frank grew older, he began flying to Hawaii for vacation off and on. These short vacations, but mainly the beauty of Hawaii stayed fixed in Frank's mind and eventually he decided to relocate to Hawaii.

Upon arriving to the island of Oahu, Frank decided to utilize his early-acquired craftsman skills and began to remodel homes. After working on Oahu for five years, Frank decided to move to the outer island of Kauai. He began building custom homes while acquiring his general contractor's license in 1988. In 1992, Frank heard about the Hawaii Woodshow held annually on the island of Oahu and decided to fly over to see what it was all about. While attending the woodshow that year and seeing all of the beautifully crafted pieces of furniture, Frank knew without a doubt that he wanted to make his life's passion fine woodoworking.

With no actual fine woodworking experience beside his construction background, Frank set out as a self-teaching woodworker and learned all he could by reading books and magazines and by talking to other woodworkers on the island. Over the last sixteen years, Frank has become an accomplished woodworker who has a great eye for wood grain and amazes people with the beautiful and naturally inspiring paddles and furniture which he creates. Says Frank, " I still get inspried when I see a great piece of wood".




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