Discover your own piece of Hawaiian heritage
with a unique creation made on Kauai with Aloha

Koa Wood Chest

Frank Pullano Woodworking offers traditional and contemporary handcrafted Koa furniture and canoe paddles. Pullano Woodworking is located on the island of Kauai, considered the "Garden Isle" of the Hawaiian island chain. It is here on Kauai that Frank Pullano creates his own unique style of Koa outrigger canoe paddles and custom fine furniture featuring curly Koa wood mostly grown in the rain forests of the big island of Hawaii. Koa trees, native to the Hawaiian Islands, can be found primarily at high altitudes on the Big Island. There, in the dense rain forest, trees reach heights up to 100 feet with a potential life span of four hundred years. Prime conditions of heavy rainfall, high altitude and rich soil produce a wide variety of color and grain patterns, making Koa wood highly treasured and sought after.

Feel free to browse through the web site and send us any comments or questions you may have on the products. Also, if you are here on Kauai or visiting please feel free to contact us if you would like to come by and visit the shop too see what new projects are going on and to see the latest paddles in production. Aloha and mahalo for visiting the site.


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